Graphics Design Services

A company logo is the primary element that represents a company in the market. Logo speaks much about a company and becomes a part of its identity. It helps the target audience to easily recognize the company amongst the clutter of products or services in the same sector. It should resemble the unique characteristics of the company. There are several important attributes of a good company logo design. Some of the elements of a good logo are:

  • It should uniquely represent the company
  • It should have a contemporary look
  • It should be easily understandable by the customer, wherever it is placed
  • It should be easy to remember for the customers

At EWT (Experts Webtech) leading SEO Web design Services Company, is systematically take care of each of this element. Choosing the right color for the logo is crucial. Color of the logo speaks much about the company. It generates the right feeling and helps customer to easily remember and recall the name of the company. Shape is another important attribute to consider that generally associate with the name of the company. Our animation and other designing elements are appropriate to the business and have a professional look and feel. Our logo designs are suitable for both print and web medium, which helps company to maintain a synergy in every communication form. 

We design our logos with simplicity and versatility which helps in better scaling and printing.

  • 4 initial logo concepts
  • Formats: PSD, JPG, BMP, ai, cdr & others as needed.

The logo of the company is as important as the name of the company. Consult us to get unparallel logo design solution to create a strong company identity.